Photovoltaic installation system – installation of photovoltaic panel water system

Photovoltaic installation system – installation of photovoltaic panel water system

Can a photovoltaic power generation system be installed on the wall

The answer is yes. The installation of solar power generation system on the wall is also known as BIPV photovoltaic building integration. Almost all high-rise buildings in modern cities are wrapped by glass curtain walls or aluminum-plastic curtain walls. Therefore, replacing the original curtain wall with solar curtain wall has become the most beautiful scenery of BIPV (photovoltaic building integration). Photovoltaic curtain wall is suitable for both commercial buildings and people’s families. Integrating green elements into buildings has become the mainstream trend of current architectural development

Today, photovoltaic products have been incarnated into building components according to the requirements of building applications, which can be applied to a variety of building applications, such as windows, sunshades, daylighting roofs, sunshine houses, agricultural greenhouses and so on. Of course, whether the building is suitable for the use of solar power generation system also requires professional evaluation of various factors such as building safety and surrounding environment by professional institutions. High efficiency photovoltaic modules not only have pure color and good appearance, but also have long power generation time and high power generation efficiency every day. Even if they are installed vertically, they can still generate electricity well, ensuring the economy of the project. (for this answer, please refer to the solar energy expert Guangdong solar library new energy)

What geographical conditions are required for the installation of photovoltaic power generation system

The geographical conditions required for the installation of photovoltaic power generation system include: location, climate, latitude, average sunshine, average temperature, precipitation, humidity, floating dust, wind load and geological conditions, which will affect the economy of photovoltaic building integration. Before design and calculation, it is necessary to collect local meteorological data, including local solar radiation and temperature changes. Generally speaking, the meteorological data cannot make long-term prediction, and can only be used as the design basis based on the average value of the past 10 ~ 20 years

In addition, the meteorological data obtained from the local meteorological department generally only have the solar radiation on the horizontal plane, and solar rack mounting system the actual radiation on the surface of the photovoltaic panel needs to be converted according to the theoretical calculation. Spring: the solar scattered radiation extends southward in the increasing area of North China, retreats southward in the decreasing area of Jiangnan, and the absolute value of the reduction decreases. Direct solar radiation and total solar radiation tend to decrease in most parts of the country, and a reduction zone is formed in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau and the south of the Yangtze River. Summer: the amount of solar scattered radiation in the eastern and northern regions of China is basically increased, while the amount of solar scattered radiation in other regions is mainly reduced

Can distributed photovoltaic power generation system be installed in self occupied villas? How’s the PV

You can apply with the local power system and energy-saving government agencies. There are many supporting equipment for photovoltaic power generation. May I ask. And drilling mechanism design and installation

My home is ridge type. Can I install solar photovoltaic power generation system

1。 Single chip microcomputer and special software are used to realize intelligent control;

2。 Accurate discharge control using battery discharge rate characteristic correction. The end of discharge voltage is the control point corrected by the discharge rate curve, which eliminates the inaccuracy of simple voltage control over discharge and conforms to the inherent characteristics of the battery, that is, different discharge rates have different end voltages.

3。 It has full-automatic control such as overcharge, over discharge, electronic short circuit, overload protection and unique anti reverse connection protection; The above protection will not damage any parts or burn the insurance;

4. The series PWM charging main circuit is adopted to reduce the voltage loss of the charging circuit by nearly half compared with the charging circuit using diode, and the charging efficiency is 3% – 6% higher than that of non PWM, which increases the power consumption time; The automatic control mode of over discharge recovery, normal direct charge and floating charge makes the service life of the system longer; At the same time, it has high-precision temperature compensation;

5. Intuitive LED light-emitting tube indicates the current battery state, so that users can understand the use status;

6. All controls adopt industrial chips (only for industrial controllers with I), which can operate freely in cold, high temperature and humid environment

What are the main characteristics of solar photovoltaic system

Compared with common thermal power generation systems, the advantages of photovoltaic power generation are mainly reflected in:

① No risk of depletion

② Safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution emission, absolutely clean (pollution-free)

③ Not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, the advantages of building roof can be used; For example, areas without electricity and areas with complex terrain

④ Local power generation and supply without fuel consumption and transmission lines

⑤ High energy quality

⑥ Users are easy to accept emotionally

⑦ The construction period is short and the time to obtain energy is short

① The energy distribution density of irradiation is small, that is, it takes up a huge area

② The energy obtained is related to meteorological conditions such as four seasons, day and night, cloudy and sunny

③ High power generation cost

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