How to livestream funeral services

How to livestream funeral services

While the funeral is a time of great loss, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the life of the departed. One of the most essential things you can do after someone’s death is to honor their memory. It is customary to hold the funeral within a week of the death, but the ceremony can take place whenever it is most suitable for the family.

When it comes to livestreaming a funeral, funeral homes have plenty of experience and useful tips to provide. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on streaming a funeral online.

Provide personalized attention to every customer.

Ultimately, we hope to do right by the departed and comfort their loved ones in their time of loss.

Take deliberate steps to outdo their ideas of what a digital funeral can be. Think on the entire funeral experience, not just the service, and do what you can to improve it.

Like you would be greeted by the employees upon entering a funeral home, so too would it be great to have online greeters welcome everyone upon entering the service. Create an online guestbook in which friends and family can leave condolences, words of consolation, and tales.

If you want to make sure that everyone can follow along or take something home to remember the ceremony by, think about providing a digital programme or at least an order of service in a downloadable format, like a PDF.

Avoid getting sidetracked.

Encourage those who are joining online to be quiet and, if possible, to mute their microphone once the service begins. It will be distracting to others if people start typing condolences, sharing memories, and commenting on the message.

Encourage the audience to contact the family in their time of grief.

Inviting online mourners to share words of comfort with each other and the bereaved after the funeral is a touching gesture that can help the family heal in their time of loss.

Stress that social isolation and alienation will amplify the impacts of each step of the grieving process, which is already difficult under normal conditions.

In addition to include these details at the end of the order of service you would typically print, you can pin the link to the deceased person’s preferred charity to donate to in place of flowers, as well as the address where notes and cards can be received. The best funeral services in Singapore now also allow livestreaming funeral service so that people can mourn with the family virtually.

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